Author: Ingrid Brown

Nothing in life is simple, it takes hard work, but it is overflowing with a positive journey to success. I'm a Professional Driver of 42 years, 40 being a sole owned Woman business, Rollin' B LLC. 42 years of diversity as both Independent and Company driver brought experience in the transportation and the trucking industry that has extended into so many diversified areas of the trucking community. I'm currently the Host of FreightWaves show "AMERICA on 18 Wheels" as well as still driving all 48 states. I have dedicated my career toward CMV Safety and the safety of the General motoring public. In 2015 I began working directly with FMCSA and other advocate associations for safer highways for CMV and the general motoring public. In 2018 I was chosen as the FMCSA face and voice for CMV's Our Roads Our Safety